Who We Are...

Bria Holmes Elite was established in 2018 and immediately became recognized on the National Circuit. The program continued to thrive and players continued to earn opportunities beyond high school. We are looking to continue to build on this success.

The foundation of Bria Holmes Elite is based on structure and discipline. We set forth to create a culture where everyone understands the importance of developing good habits and placing a premium on values. These traits carry on in the daily lives of our student-athletes.


We set high expectations for our student-athletes on and off the court and each player understands that the commitment to success off the court is measured greater than what they do on the court. With this as a staple, BHE has been able to attract players from CT and beyond as they understand, to us, it is more than a game.

Opportunity! Hope! Belief! These are words that describe what Bria Holmes Elite program has meant to the community, BHE has rejuvenated the area and state.